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Push Notifications in Powerapps

Alerts in SharePoint List when theres a new item added/modified/deleted but using Push Notifications instead of email


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As of today this is possible with Microsoft Flow via the new iOS app and the new "Push notifications" api! More details here:

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I think it would make more sense to have a push notification for PowerApps (not Flow). If you have PowerApps on your phone, you may need to send a push notification that will then open a particular App. Flow is more behind-the-scenes and users may not ever see Flow (or have the app on their phone).


For example, say a new Contact is created in Dynamics, I want to create a Flow that will send someone a push notification saying "You have a new contact!", then when they click the notification it will take them to a particular PowerApp (maybe a CRM Management PowerApp), and do some sort of action for that Contact.

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I am using this approach ( ) to have a push notification being sent from an PowerApp. This works quite well for my iOS Device when testing with my own email address.


But now I am wondering what the limit for <list of email addresses> is? I plan to build a app, where ~700 users are being notified when a new announcement is being added to the app.

I already learned that this attribute cannot be a distribution lists email address - so I would need to pass in all 700 peoples email addresses? Will this work?

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Seconding what ThomasRoth posted,

Please make the Recipients field optional, in some scenarios the notification should be sent to all users of the app.  Specifying each and every recipient is not practical when you have more than a few users spread out all over the world. Such as my case where I may need to send notifications all over North America, Europe, Asia etc...

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Any updates on this? As KC posted I'm targeting 6-700 users and a all options would be great!


Regards, Patrik

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Can we get some kind of response from Microsoft on this besides a canned repitition of using Flow?


I need to send a push notification out to all powerapp users, NOT FLOW USERS.


On the recipients list field why can we not use a distribution group?????


The most basic necessities and irritating restrictions make Microsofts services unusable.

You want businesses and corporations to use this stuff but dont provide the capabilties for the apps to be used in those environments.


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Push notifications are a core function of any app platform. They should come out of "Premium" functionality and just be included as a base function. 

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I am getting to grips with what could be a very useful business tool POWERAPP only to run into issues, that ay be down to me not fully understand the powerapp platforms yet or its just complicated and heavy to use. The issue i have three dept heads that need notification when the app creates an onsucccess. So only three emails.  I have them in a new screen table but cannot seem to get the onsuccess Submit & powerapp.sendnot... to work. Any assistance would be welcome and help me understand if this is as good as it seems Thanks 

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I agree this should be in base functionality.  I did not fully investigate the premium limitations, and rolled this out in an app. It was very well received by my users.  Now I have to pull it back. Smiley Frustrated  Not going to be well received, and unfortunately I don't have the option to extend to the premium plan.  Very dissappointed right now, and looking for another way to get this done.