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QR-code scanning

Enable 2D scanning of barcodes.

Status: Completed

The new Barcode scanner control is out, and we recommend it to anyone who needs to scan a barcode, QR code or data matrix codes on their mobile devices.


A couple of notes:

  1. Old barcode scanner control has been renamed to Web barcode scanner.  It is disabled by default and can be enabled in the experimental features settings.  We are keeping it around as it is currently the only way to scan barcodes in a web browser.
  2. The ScanBarcode function has been removed from experimental properties.  The function will still work for existing apps, but those apps should be updated to use the new Barcode scanner control.  It is the same functionality underneath, and it will store the value for you in the control, so it should be easier to use than the function.
Regular Visitor

Enable 2D scanning of barcodes please Microsoft...

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Still there aren't updates for this...?

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Participant registrations generate QR code... would be so nice if we could build powerapps ontop of this.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

Planning to add support for QR codes as well as introduce a new and better scanner for barcodes by late summer 2018.

Advocate I

Happy you have planned the QR-code scanner, Filip.

Don't hesitate to devellop this earlier Smiley Wink

Power Apps

No hesitation, it's one of our top priorities for controls.  However we need to develop a new approach to how we do scanning in order to have better performance than the existing barcode scanner.

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Thanks Filip, you're doing a good job, because we are going to use it in our factory and labratories.

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It will be great if you can support the reading of many 2D barcodes such as Datamatrix and QR as they are widely used in many industries. Enabling this support will vastly expand the use of Office 365. You will acquire more users definitely.
Power Apps

We are looking to add support for data matrix as well.

Regular Visitor
FilipK thank you for the kind reply. Data matrix, qr and other well known 2D barcode additions will be phenomenal! Would you be kind enough to share the estimated time period when it will be released please? Thank you again 🙂