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QR-code scanning

Enable 2D scanning of barcodes.

Status: Completed

The new Barcode scanner control is out, and we recommend it to anyone who needs to scan a barcode, QR code or data matrix codes on their mobile devices.


A couple of notes:

  1. Old barcode scanner control has been renamed to Web barcode scanner.  It is disabled by default and can be enabled in the experimental features settings.  We are keeping it around as it is currently the only way to scan barcodes in a web browser.
  2. The ScanBarcode function has been removed from experimental properties.  The function will still work for existing apps, but those apps should be updated to use the new Barcode scanner control.  It is the same functionality underneath, and it will store the value for you in the control, so it should be easier to use than the function.
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Sounds great, we have a full use case ready to test out your first available preview - we have QR codes on all our pallets and would like to scan, make updates, and then send to a printer as well....seems easy, but there's not much available in the space yet and we just did a complete facility inventory so we want to make it as easy as possible for our inventory folks. Much appreciated!  

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Hi guys, still on track to be released by end of June 2018 ? Cheers

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Please add support for DataMatrix codes.  This is critical to enable AR for shopping experiences.

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Any Update on the Android version to?

Power Apps

In our effort to improve our barcode scanning abilities, we are introducing an experimental function ScanBarcode.  In order to use the function you first need to enable it in PowerApps Studio when editing an app under File|Advanced Settings|Experimental features. The function is currently only supported on iOS devices and will open a native barcode scanner in its own UI.  Upon a successful scan, it will return the string representing the scanned code.


To test this function:

  1. Create an app with TextInput and Button controls
  2. Set Button1.OnSelect = UpdateContext({barcode: ScanBarcode()})
  3. Set TextInput1.Default = barcode


Note that in addition to scanning multiple types of barcodes, the scanner also scans QR codes and datamatrix codes.


We are looking for feedback on this approach to barcode scanning, so please let us know what you think.  If all goes well, we’ll be extending the support to Android devices.   Extending support to Windows and Web devices would not be as easy so we’re also interested in getting user feedback on that.

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@FilipK : Hi Filip, I did a quick testing this morning following your approach, and it worked. Scanning was successful and reading in less than 2 sec, which is very good. When do you expect to roll it out for Android ? Many Thanks

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@FilipK : This sounds verry good ... and your action to extend this to Android. We are mainly using Andoid in our company, so I hope you can process this asap. The QR-stickers are put on our lab and production quipment and waiting to be used bij the PowerApp. Thanks Philip.

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@FilipK: Thank you so much for this update. This feauture will help our company tremendously. I just have one more question, are we able to generate QR codes? 


For example, I have a QR code that I want to modify and then generate it again with the updated info, are we able to do that or not?

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hi all! it seems some of you figure out how to test this fuction, however I don't know what should replace the 'frustrated smiley', if you could please share with us how you coded it in your app.. thanks!

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solved! it's as shown below, no spaces in between, but I share it in two lines so it doesn't convert the : + S into :S