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QR-code scanning

Enable 2D scanning of barcodes.

Status: Completed

The new Barcode scanner control is out, and we recommend it to anyone who needs to scan a barcode, QR code or data matrix codes on their mobile devices.


A couple of notes:

  1. Old barcode scanner control has been renamed to Web barcode scanner.  It is disabled by default and can be enabled in the experimental features settings.  We are keeping it around as it is currently the only way to scan barcodes in a web browser.
  2. The ScanBarcode function has been removed from experimental properties.  The function will still work for existing apps, but those apps should be updated to use the new Barcode scanner control.  It is the same functionality underneath, and it will store the value for you in the control, so it should be easier to use than the function.
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I agree!  This is critical to my app.  Please update the barcode scanner to support 2d scanning



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I just want to add ny interest for adding qr-code skanning.

Critical for being able to use Power App.


I have one app using qr-kode skanning. Can not move it til Power App before this is possible


best regards


Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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Fantastic Audrie, I was currently investigating how to do a workaround my current issue.  The goal is to be able to get info from a PC application by pointing the mobile / tablet at the screen. The info is a URI and the barcodes supported today are too small (in terms of info that can be communicated).

QR Code is the prevalent way to get info from labels today, so I hope that this will come-up soon.  It would be nice if, in the same fashion that you have a sophisticated control with the Input Ink control, you could have an "Office Lens" control that could be configured for "Whiteboard", "Business Card", "Barcode / QR-Code", "Document", "Photo".  Since these apps are already on iOS and Android, it shouldn't be too far fetched 🙂


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Hi Audrie,

 Any idea when QR code scanning might be implemented?  I would really like to start building some apps but they all use QR codes!



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Please add QR scanning to the app. It will allow me to use Power apps for my functionality. 

Or tell me when it will be added? 



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I am developing a Sharepoint/PowerApp-based inventory for my company. 2D (QR or matrix) code recognition is a highly desired feature.

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All our assets (process & lab equipment and building items) are coded with QR, so I prefer powerapp can read this and use this code in the app.20170730 QR code sticker Lex.jpg

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 Any updates on this? The status was changed to Under review six months ago. Is there a time frame when we can expect to scan QR codes?

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Seeking an update on this as well.