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Query all PowerBI Data using the PowerBIIntegration object, not just the first available 1000 rows

The integrated PowerApp visual in PowerBI receives the first 1000 rows of the selected columns of data.


Firstly, this should be added to the documentation here: in the 'Limitations' section as soon as possible


Secondly, the PowerApp has no control over which 1000 rows it receives. That means that the other rows to the 1000 are literally inaccessible to the PowerApp without filtering/slicing the data on the PowerBI report side. It would make a world of a difference if the PowerApp could query the data from PowerBI to have control over which 1000 rows it can retrieve.

In other words, filtering PowerBIIntegration.Data should go back to PowerBI and filter in the source, to then give PowerApps a filtered result of all rows (even if this is maximum 1000 rows), instead of filtering on the limited 1000 rows.

Status: New