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Quick Reordering for Screens & Components in Tree View

Hi there,

       When you need to re-order a bunch of objects really quickly in Tree-View, using the 'Reorder' dropdown from the ribbon works great, as you can click it multiple times and it will not disappear.

I've got a few suggestions to make re-ordering work even better:

  • The 'Reorder' button is greyed out in the ribbon when you have a 'Screen' or a 'Component' Object selected.  Any chance we can get this working for these objects too?
  • For all objects, when you right-click them in the tree-view and click re-order, it only lets you do it once before the menu disappears and you have to right-click again.  Could we get the same functionality here as we have in the ribbon, where it stays open for re-ordering while you clicky-clack 10-20 times?



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Any idea how to get tree view order of data cards in a form to match on screen order of data cards?

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@GuyBoswell Were you ever able to figure out how to do that?

Helper IV

Hi @grogank ,no, I never got anywhere 😐