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RTF Line spaces edit abilities

RTF editor in PowerApps is still in Preview (11/2018) and I believe that it's text edit options need some improvements. For example Line spaces are in RTF editor very big. Nice add-on would be option to choose line space height or at least they could be smaller by default. 



Thank you


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Using the RTF editor in view mode to show HTML. Viewing this field in the native SharePoint form is fine. Viewing it in the PowerApp RTF form results in HUGE text that can't be resized. Frustrating.

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This is a real problem for me as well. I am trying to load in email html and allow users to type a reply, which can then be emailed by the app. The line height is unacceptably wide and I can't seem to edit it in any consistent way. At the moment its unusable for replying to emails despite having all the other functionality. Hoping this makes the cut soon.

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Agreed.  I'd like to wean my users off of Word based forms for assessments but there isn't an acceptable replacement for data input.  Fixing the spacing in the RTF form would go a long way in this regard.

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Agreed. The line-height in the Rich Text Editor is extremely large, I'm using it to connect my app to a flow and send an e-mail and the texts are looking really bad.  Please help us!


Thanks in advance. Best regards.