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RTF control does not work to create hyperlinks to Sharepoint sites?!

Have an support-ticket regarding this matter with ID: 120052924007915 - Powerapps RTF control links not working?


I have a Sharepoint list with a column, multiple rows, RTF data enabled.

In my powerapps i have a FORM so i can save and read data from my sharepoint list, my datasource.

The form have a RTF editor control.


When a user update a record in the datasource using the RTF editor control and adds any hyperlink to a sharepoint site. The hyperlink is changed and the part of the URL is replaced.

This leads to that it is impossible to let the user add links to Sharepoint sites or documents.


It is however possible to create links to any external sites. Just sharepoint that fails.


This has been confirmed on above support-ticket.

Microsoft support is typing as an answer:

After further investigation on the issue, I was able to reproduce the problem and have discussed with the team, also the issue seems to be a known issue with custom form and PowerApps when using the Rich Text Editor.

When using the default form from SharePoint, the link is not altered and is therefore functional. However, once the SharePoint is modified in PowerApps or in a PowerApps application separate from the SharePoint list, the link is altered. The beginning of the SharePoint address “” is replaced.


Posting this here after MS suggested this.


Is this considered a bug or a feature?

When will this be changed?




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This is definitely a bug. I've been conferring with other developers (MVPs) and they are also stumped by this. If this cannot be worked out, the link functionality should be removed as it hurts user experience of any app using this control. 

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Thank you


I really hope they can fix this.


Since the links in the RTF controls works to other domains than Sharepoint, i hope they do not remove the function. I cant find an userfriendly way for the end user to create links and add rich text in Powerapps without this control.

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I agree, but in the meantime. I have an app that gets negative feedback because of this issue. Its hard enough to get users to adopt new technology without issues like this so PLEASE Microsoft! Please fix this. 

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How about a solution?

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It really hurts, after building a great Power App with great functionality and great speed to at the end stumble upon an inability to insert a link in a text box.


In a gallery I show a list of items. Each item has a body that contains both images and hyperlinks.

Unfortunately this doesn't work because for some reason the links are corrupted and the sharepoint-part replaced.


Where do I sign up to inform Microsoft about this short coming?

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Are there any updates on when this problem is going to be solved?

I'm getting negative reactions on an app build as a custom form on a SharePoint List. Within this SharePoint List I use multipleline textfields that contain urls to SharePoint files. When opening a listitem within my PowerApps-Form all the SharePoint url's are broken because the part is being replaced with a url of PowerApps.    

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Same question when @microsoft will you fix this?


I do not see the logic of being able to link to external websites from RTF control but not being able to link to sharepoint sites like documents etc.


Why nerf that? Maybe there are an explanation... but then make it an option to turn on/off.