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RTL Support

Adding support for languages that written from right to left as Hebrew and Arabic
Status: New
New Member

Supporting Rtl languages would be great.

Regular Visitor

Need support for rtl ASAP!!!

New Member


New Member

That would be great, highly anticipated feature.

Frequent Visitor

It’s a necessity, there’s a line at what we are capable of doing without this option.

if there’s a way we, as a community can help, let us, if it will help us get there faster.

Helper II

All my apps will need RTL so the sooner the better so I can start to really work with this platform!!!





Advocate I

מיקרוסופט יקרים,

עברית היא השפה בה דיבר ישו הקדוש והיא נכתבת מימין לשמאל, כמו שפות עתיקות ונפלאות נוספות.

אנא גלו התחשבות או יחס כלשהו לבקשה ההגיונית לתמיכה בשפות RTL.

Dear Microsoft,

Hebrew is Jesus Christ's language and is much like other great and ancient languages Right-To-Left.

Please show some consideration and provide feedback to this very reasonable request of providing RTL support.

תודה רבה

شكرا جزيلا

Thank you