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Raise the limit of the function Office365Gropups.ListGroupMembers() from 100

I am using this function to set OnVisibile properties of controls based on if the user is a member of the group. I had been using it with no issues up until I tried it with a larger group. With a growing company, a 100 user limit can quickly become a problem with this method of setting control properties.


It would be very helpful if the 100 user limitation was removed.

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ok we had the same issue and I couldn't find a solution anywhere, even in the documentation ofr the connector it says that the Office365Users,ListGroupMembers() only takes one parameter as input BUT we did find the solution, it does in fact take a second parameter like this:



you use a comma and the the syntax you see here in the example we entered a new maximum value of 900(the limit of the connector is 999)