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Read SharePoint hosting page query string from PowerApps

if we have a SharePoint page page hosting a PowerApps, it would be interesting to be able to read the querystring parameters (or the post parameters) from the PowerApps. The whole page context should be available to the PowerApps applet.




from the hosted PowerApps I want to be able to retrieve myparam=param1

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Also facing same issue.

Not able to read SharePoint Page querystring parameter from PowerApp.

I have page modern page having Power App webpart. want to read SharePoint Page querystring parametere inside PowerApp.


Please guide me to read parameter from Page(

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In addition I would like to have a parameter available, that allows me to show the PowerApp only, if it is initiated as a WebPart inside of SharePoint and to stop the App, if it is initiated external from SharePoint.

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Did you found any work around for this problem? If yes please help me.

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Yes, I found a workaround, with the following steps

- create a new website (aspx-file) in your SharePoint Site-Collection

- download the file with pnp-PowerShell

- add a HTML-IFrame Tag to the aspx file, where the PowerApp should appear

- add a JavaScript Function to the aspx file, which adds the SiteURL as a QueryString parameter to the IFrame-Source attribute

- upload the file with pnp-PowerShell to SharePoint

- Check in the PowerApp App-Start function, if the QueryString contains my variable with the SiteURL

- if not, navigate to a stop-application screen

- if yes, then navigate to your start application screen

In my case I have an additional part, where I check, if the user is member of a defined group of this SharePoint Site.