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Rearrange/Sort Elements in Screens Tree View

In Tree View it would be nice to be able to organize elements in the view for organizational purposes. 

Status: New
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Is there any progress on this feature?

Level: Powered On

Yes, can we get an update on this?  A little organization to the tree view can go a long way.

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A trick I use in the Tree view to reorder elements is to Group and Ungroup elements i want to place together. Try it, it also works when you Group/Ungroup groups. It is still a clumsy way of doing and far from perfect. It would be much better to be able to move elements around by left-click-hold and move them around. Even a addition to the right-click-menu like 'Move Up'/'Move Down' (repeat) would help.

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I absolutely agree. In fact, it's funny that you can do this sort of rearranging fields when you go to add fields to a form. You're simply able to click and drag the position of any filed in your list. This same capability needs to be abppied to the items in Tree View.



Level: Powered On

Any Update on this @D365Ideas_Kudos  @D365Ideas_Admin ?  This feature would be great particularly when working with a number of elements on the same screen. Programs such as Photoshop handle this 'layering' particuarly well.