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Rearrange/Sort Elements in Screens Tree View

In Tree View it would be nice to be able to organize elements in the view for organizational purposes. 

Status: New
New Member

Is there any progress on this feature?

Frequent Visitor

Yes, can we get an update on this?  A little organization to the tree view can go a long way.

Advocate I

A trick I use in the Tree view to reorder elements is to Group and Ungroup elements i want to place together. Try it, it also works when you Group/Ungroup groups. It is still a clumsy way of doing and far from perfect. It would be much better to be able to move elements around by left-click-hold and move them around. Even a addition to the right-click-menu like 'Move Up'/'Move Down' (repeat) would help.

Helper I

I absolutely agree. In fact, it's funny that you can do this sort of rearranging fields when you go to add fields to a form. You're simply able to click and drag the position of any filed in your list. This same capability needs to be abppied to the items in Tree View.



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Any Update on this @D365Ideas_Kudos  @D365Ideas_Admin ?  This feature would be great particularly when working with a number of elements on the same screen. Programs such as Photoshop handle this 'layering' particuarly well.

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Just use Copy/Paste to move items between containers and Ctrl/[  and Ctrl/] for up down

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It is necessary, sometimes I do not remember the name of a button and I have to go to find it on the canvas, only with the order by the types of objects, it can be grouped but when you select the object the whole group is selected and it is an additional click to choose again the object within the group

Advocate I

@vlast3k Thanks for the hint, never knew these shortcuts!

Helper I

@vlast3k thank you!

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@vlast3k Absolutely brilliant 👍 all my labels, buttons and so on all in order