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Receipt Processing cannot read the majority of receipts scanned

Hi, we are very excited for the pre-built models and that we can now get AI apps up and running quickly. However, in doing some POC's we are finding that this model does not work well. I am finding it is good with standard restaurant receipts, but anything else is a struggle. Hotels it cannot find the line items, Uber and Lyft it cant get more than a date. 


Any insight to if this will be improved by GA, or is it geared towards restaurants mainly?

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Hi @typage,


Thanks for sharing the excitement for the AI Builder pre-built models.


Indeed Receipt Processing is targeted to the type of receipt you would commonly get at a restaurant, retailer, or grocery store, like this one:


Hotels, Uber, Lyft fall more in the category of invoices. For those, you can look to leverage the recently released Invoice ProcessingProcess invoices with AI Builder | Power Automate Blog 

And if you need to extract more information from what is provided by the pre-built models, you can always train your very own Form Processing model with your own documents and teach the model to extract the fields and tables you want: Get started with Form processing in AI Builder - Learn | Microsoft Docs

Hope this helps! Feel free to share any additional feedback.