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Record video from device camera

Request additional feature allowing the capture of video/audio content from device cameras and saving content back to a datastore like SharePoint or SQL.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I have great need for the ability record video and store within my organization's network (SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.). The ability record and share video across 350,000 employees would make PowerApps very valauble to me.



Level: Powered On

I have the same scenario, I need to record and store the video.

Level: Power Up

I have a similar issue. Looking to create something that will allow students to record evidence of learning and being able to record video would be a great asset.

Level: Power Up

mee too

Level: Power Up

Same here! Microsoft, please put your efforts into developing and releasing this feature in Powerapps soon!!

Level: Power Up

Same here any update on this?