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Reference an Object by name string

It would be very helpful to be able to reference objects by a text name.

This is similar to this idea posted by the great anonymous - This posting is about referring to columns by text name.

But, in this case I am referring to other areas such as screen names.  

Having the ability to Navigate("screenName", ...  would be very helpful.


I'm not suggesting people hard code things...just the opposite - continue reading.


For those not getting it and considering a vote on this but not quite sure...consider this scenario.

For maintainability of an App, often you will have actions that you want to turn on and off.  Editing and re-publishing is not for the average user.  However, having a simple list (say SharePoint) that has App Actions listed in it with the corresponding Screen Name and am Enable/Disable type logic, you can write your App to turn on and off actions in your app.  

That's all good until you need to navigate to one of those screens.  Since your ScreenName is in the list, it's just text.  In order to navigate properly, you have to put a nasty Switch statement in with all the possible options.  NOT the best solution for maintainability and repeatability.

Instead of a nasty long switch statement that still needs maintenance - now I can maintain app functionality in SharePoint list and simply have a statement like Navigate(ThisItem.ScreenName, ... that you see the value in this, click vote!

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Agreed. I had to abandon plans for a project for lack of this feature. 

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I'm surprised this feature does not already exist.  It does so in other RAD tools such as MS Access. The benefits are considerable.  The feature makes it much easier to reconfigure and retest as your design evolves and when the customer springs late changes on you.