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Refreshing Flows

It would be great if there was a 'Refresh' option for Flows.If there is any change in the Flow , it will get reflected automatically. 

Right now, one needs to remove the flow and add it again to see the changes. Sometime, I have to go to data sources, remove the flow datasource and then add it again. It would be so much simpler with a 'Refresh' option similar to some data source connections.2018-04-25 16_52_13-Random Movie - Saved (Unpublished) - PowerApps.png


Status: Completed

Hi @ThatAPIGuy - you can now click the Flow action in the panel (on the icon or name) and it will refresh the output properties for you to use in your app.


Please let us know how you go.

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Adding to this need is when you rename a Flow, PowerApps does not recognize the name change in which case we can't add it to PowerApps until the change is refreshed.


Thanks, I'd be very interested in helping out in any way I can regarding this issue.

cc: @Audrie-MSFT

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All, This is definitely not working, we need a simple Refresh option in the Flow shortcut menu that will cause PowerApps to completely refresh the entire schema for the Flow. Again, this is very inefficient to work around, PLEASE! Thanks!
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Any updates on this feature? 
Or it just cannot be fixed even in 3 years?

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When will this fixed with a simple refresh selection like we have on database???

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please reopen this issue with flow refresh (2018????)