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Regular Expressions for inputs

I would love to be able to set a Regular Expression (for a format string) on an input textbox like "###-##-####" for SSN or "(999) 999-9999" for a telephone number.  I was directed to post my suggested idea here as I understand that Power Apps does not yet support formatting regular expressions.


Thanks and keep up the great work with this excellent app.  


As a side note, I did see a suggestion to NOT include all of a sharepoint's list items when connecting to a list as I currently am working on one that has 72 items and it takes a while to load up.

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Hello @guyinazo.


Not sure if this is still needed, but just to answer the question.


It looks like the IsMatch at this link may help do what you are trying to accomplish.




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Thanks, I will check this out.

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We need a practaive and not a reactive solution


Users want to just type 2499 and have the app format it to $24.99


They dont want to have to guess what the developer of the app wants for the format when they enter info into a field...


We need Input Masks that fire OnInput and not reactive that fire OnChange like IsMatch...

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is there any way to make our input text auto change format into date format?