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Relationships/LookUps Need To Be More Powerful

We desparately need to have access to more than one value when accessing a relationship/lookup. Even when the data is stored in a collection, you can only access one value from the lookup field (mainly the PrimaryId unless you put another value that you want to access as Value1 when accessing the lookup and then store that value in another entity). When creating more powerful apps, we are having to create work-arounds by storing extra information in entities that should be accessible via a lookup. For one, it is bad programming when you store the same information twice or check for the same thing multiple times. Not only that, it creates the possibility of data loss and slower functionality.

To create more powerful apps and keep consistent data, we need to be able to access more information via a relationship/lookup, even if it is only available when accessing that information in collections (which is good programming anyway). 

Status: Planned
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This is a huge deal and greatly limits how effective the "Entity Forms" are.  The number of times we want a user to see the primary key is low 

Advocate II

The work arounds that I have had to do because of this are frustrating and definitely slow down the app. If this was fixed, I would be able to implement better solutions faster. 

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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I recently encountered this and has basically made my project stop.  I need to be able to view the other fields associated with the ID field so I can tell if I am selecting/updating the correct data without having to update multiple fields (i.e. ID, First_Name, Last_name).  This was a standard in Access apps and would help solve many issues with converting Access web apps to PowerApps.  Any updates on when this feature will be available?

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Yes, please provide this feature.