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Remove 2MB excel data source file limit

Kept getting an error when attemting to connect to an excel data source with the following error


File size above allowed value. File size:4570080, AllowedFileSize (in Bytes): 2000000


It is a multi sheet excel file with each sheet having table that i was attemping to connect to. It only connected to some of the tables. These were only going to be used as information retrieval no table was over 500 rows and would also not be written back to.


Could you please consider upgrading the file limit?


Many thanks

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I totally agree. I'm pulling data from a Model done in PowerQuery and my source table has no more than 400 rows, however, underlying queries and the model make the file of 2.5MB size. I think this limitation stops PowerApps users to create their data sources in a more sophisticated way than static Excel tables.



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2MB?! What is this, 1996?  I am working with a large spreadsheet that contains 20K+ rows, but a table that only has 100. But since my other data makes my spreadsheet 2.3MB I can’t use it?!



PLEASE increase this, or atleast give us the option to. 

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Seems a very limiting feature - I have just hit this same problem !    Arggghhhh

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You're are at the start of something I already finished, so I'll give you some more info.


Powerapps, by default, can only read the first 500 lines of a table. 


You can increase this by going to app settings, but it still has a hard limit of 2000.


What I ended up doing is pulling the report. (30k + lines) and creating a macro that would delete colunns and rows I didn't need. Then it created a table every 2000 rows, and pasted my data into them.

The final "gotcha", is powerapps creates a column and fills it with a "powerapps ID". So if your data source really close to the 20000 limit, once you add it as a source the first time, it will end up being too big anyway


It's not pretty, but it works.

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@FoDelement - I think the limit is overall file size rather than table size, as the excel matrix I inherited has all 42 tables below 500 lines


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There is a limit on both, sadly. 

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I was searching in the Microsoft documentation the info re the limitations of Excel source data and very few sources mention this limitation and in my opinion it's one of the first things to know before creating your data model in Excel.


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Yeah 2MB is laughable.  Betcha Apple has better tools...

(coming from an Anti-Apple guy)

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Please just give us at least 5 MBs!

Or allow Binary file format.



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I'm following this article's best practices to limit the size of the Excel file.