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Remove nested galleries limit

Can we please request to remove the limit of nested galleries from two to unlimited.  This limitation is preventing power app developers from creating grid functionality with Galleries.  An example I'm currently working on is a nine-box rating system that requires 3 nested galleries to make work.


To make work

The first gallery is a table of ratings - ["not good", "good", "very good"]

Nested inside the above gallery is a second gallery with another table - ["limited potential", "potential", "high potential"]


Now that I have created my nine-box grid, I would like to nest an employee table (third gallery) within the second gallery,  which is filtered by names based on the box they would correlate to. i.e. Jane brown scored a "very good" and "high potential", her name appears in the top right box of the grid.


The two gallery limit prevents this development opportunity.  See the attached example.

PS. this can be achieve using concat function on a label however this prevents gallery functionality like hover on the individual to see information and or edit in place functionality with controls.

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Completely agree. This limitation should be removed from 2 to unlimited gallery. This will help us achieve more than 2 table nesting display on a screen for multiple projects. Please do help on this. Do we have any update?

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Bumping this to see if any progress has been made? I would love to see this functionality enabled as I just ran into the need for 3 nested galleries. 

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Bump for this too.  Accessing data at multiple levels is a much needed feature for more complex apps

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Agree, this really needs to be an option - particularly for collapsible lists.