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Remove or extend the 25 emails limit for GetEmails() function



When we use Office365.GetEmails() or Outlook.GetEmails() function it only returns maximum of 25 emails.

By default it returns 10 email records, if we specify Top crieteria, it only accepts  below 25. Please remove this ristriction or extend to greater number




Nagesh Kulkarni

Status: New
Regular Visitor

Please, the limit can be there with a low number by default, but with the option to increase to a bigger number if it is need it.

Frequent Visitor

Yes Please remove them guys


Resolver II

Please remove or increase the limit to preferably 500 or more - then we it could be used in conjunction with email campaigns that are categorized in Outlook.

New Member

Please remove this limit as IT in many companies needs to help end users once they contact and need help from IT to clean shared mailboxes.