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Remove or extend the 25 emails limit for GetEmails() function



When we use Office365.GetEmails() or Outlook.GetEmails() function it only returns maximum of 25 emails.

By default it returns 10 email records, if we specify Top crieteria, it only accepts  below 25. Please remove this ristriction or extend to greater number




Nagesh Kulkarni

Status: New
Kudo Commander

Yes please!

Kudo Commander

Any update on this?

I see the 25 limit is not mentioned in the documentation --> this would be very wise to do:

Advocate I

Yes Please, this is very well needed.

Frequent Visitor

Agreed, Removing the limit would be very helpful. Thank you!

Advocate II

Please add this!

New Member

Yes, please remove or extend this limit

New Member

Please remove the limit. Thanks!

Regular Visitor

i need this too!!

New Member
no updates regarding this?
Regular Visitor

Please add!!