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Rendering Condition (on containers)

He Guys,


What I would like to see added to PowerApps is the option to set a condition on a Container. When this condition is not met then the container shouldn't be rendered at all.


Reason: now I am able to set the visible property on a control, so the control is not visible for the user. But it is still on the page, so via Inspect it is fairly easy to change this property to true and show the controls. For security reasons I would prefer that the container included the controls are not rendered on the page at all! A condition on the control should be helpful here.


One use-case: I currently am developing a one fit all component for mobile, meaning that there are different settings available for a sidebar, bottom bar, bottom bar + sidebar. Using the visible property, all the hidden containers are loaded, even when they are not used. A condition will clean the loaded mobile menu will only contain the containers used in the app. So better loading speed.


@Anonymous, I don't know whether this is something already on the roadmap, but if not maybe you can share it with the appropriate colleague? Thanks.

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Resident Rockstar

Hi @audrieg, I see that this thread is not yet looked at. Just this week the team released LayOut containers and a render condition on all those container should be welcome, this because apps will even load faster with this. Would you be so kind to take a look at this request and mention it to the appropriate teammembers.