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Renew the timer on Web Apps

When viewing an app in a web browser, the app will timeout after a certain duration. Then a small dialog will pop up telling you to restart the app. Previously, the app would continue to remain open, but be disconnected from datasources and you wouldn't know it. So the implementation of the dialog box is good.


I suggest a way for web browser users to renew their session without restarting the app. Suppose you are near the end of the available time to use the app, but you need to complete something on it before it restarts. You would be booted off and lose your progress. It would be useful to renew the session so that you don't lose your progress.

Status: Under Review

I have submitted this ask and will keep you updated as the enhancements are released.


Thank you for your continued feedback and patience,


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Users of my app are also having this issue, restarting the browser will delete all of their records in the gallery. Hope to a have a fix for this soon. Thanks!

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We are having this issue, how come this problem still open from 2016. MS, please at least provide a workaround.

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My users, who are working from web browsers, also have this issue. As there is no warning before the session expires, users can be in the middle of filling out a form when the session expires causing them to lose work. As this can happen at anytime, writing to a Sharepoint list is not a feasible work around.


PowerApps has been great other than this one glaring issue, so a solution would be fantastic. Thanks.

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it's end of 2020, I guess this thread has been open without an update for a couple of years. I really want to know what is the time limit after which a user session expires if they remain idle on the web browser. 

My user reported they took a phone call for 23 minutes and the app has a session expired message. PSA screenshot. look forward to a meaningful reply 



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Is the session time out for any open app 8 hrs.?

You need to let a developer decide that limit, not microsoft.


David Powell

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Any update on this issue? Is there yet a timeout limit for an app running in browser?

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There is no such single user timeout occurring in a powerapps on a browser session, according to Microsoft tech support. 

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@DAVIDPOWELL  : I am really trying to understand this. A couple of times my users have reported that they left the running  app idle in browser to take a phone call or something (15-25 minutes) and when they came back the App had a session timeout please restart the app message.

So: Is it such that the session timeout is 8 hours from the first login to the app? And it will logout if not closed and reopened before that??

Or you are saying that app should never timeout per microsoft so it's a bug?

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Has anyone solved this yet?  It's May 2021.


I haver built a KIOSK that is supposed to display data on a 52" TV.   

The powerapp runs for about 4 hours and then the user is timed out.


Seems like it could be related to a few things:


1)  Session durations settings controlled by the Admin ?  whoever that is?

2)  Windows 10 login settings 

3)  Browser settings for timeouts.  (I've installed an extension Super Simple Auto Refresh that restarts the browser)  That does not seem to solve it. 

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A workaround is to use launch every 7 hours (or less)  (User a timer that does not depend on the screen visibility)