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Repeating Tables

It would be great to have a repeating table control like in Infopath so that users can add multiple entries and submit them altogether. Also we should be able to do calculations based on rows , for example if I'm adding 3 expenses, I should be able to calculate the total and etc. 

This nothing new but an exisitng feature in Infopath. 

Status: Started

Thank you for your feedback! Much work is being done to facilitate form based controls. We will keep you updated as the work progresses.


In the meantime, you should already be able to sum rows. Please see article links below which should address requirement example (sum of expenses).




webinar on formulas including a sample of your example:


Thank you,


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Hi, is there any progress on a repeating table control for PowerApps, with the ability to add items?  I have a client that wants to migrate their existing InfoPath forms to PowerApps, but without this control that makes migration very difficult.



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There already is a repeating section control in PowerApps, it is the gallery.

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Hi @Meneghino thanks for that, although I don't think this is quite the same.


All I need is the ability to have a repeating table/section that I can add or remove rows from, based on a collection.  While I can create a gallery and have the collection as the items source, there are a few problems:


  • I can create a blank gallery, put controls in it (e.g. Text Inputs), and have them default to a collection's value.  I can then update "ThisItem.Property" in the OnChange event.  However, I can't set a text input as mandatory or not.  How can I do that?
  • I have to manually add a "Delete" button in the gallery for each item, but for some reason sometimes I have to click the button twice to make the row delete.  I think "OnChange" is somehow interferting.
  • I can create an "Add" button, however it doesn't appear attached to the control at the bottom of the Gallery (unless I'm missing something?)

The biggest issue here is making a field mandatory in a collection.  It just doesn't seem possible.  The beautiful thing about a repeating controls in InfoPath was that I didn't have to set up all of the plumbing for adding/removing items, it was just there.


So while I appreicate the link and the guidance, it seems there is a gap here.


Therefore, I think we need a repeating table like control - making the gallery control more like the repeating controls we had in InfoPath, and not being able to make fields/controls mandatory inside the gallery makes it difficult for me to port an existing InfoPath form (which works great and has servied it's purprose for at least 5 years!), to PowerApps.

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Hi all, this is marked as "Started", any update on when we can expect something like repeating tables that we had in InfoPath?

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Hi @tism, apologise for the long delay in replying.

The functionality you require is reproducible (just add an extra row to the gallery's items with a Boolean fiield that indicates it as the new item row.  You then activate the necessary controls if it is the new item.  You do not create the new item unless all necessary fields are populated etc. etc.)

Yes, this does mean that you need to do some of the plumbing.  This is tiresome sometimes, but once you create it the way you want it, you can copy-paste across your apps.  This way you can have a control do what you want it to do.

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Any updates on an Out Of the Box solution implemented by Microsoft on this issue? While they may be able to be created by hand, the time it takes to do this for every SharePoint form that requires it is too expensive.

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For those of you needing this function now and are curious how to make repeating tables, check out this video Shane Young posted. Split into 3 parts but goes through all areas of a repeating table and gives a great step by step breakdown that will point you in the right direction. Everything on deleting, editing and adding new rows, connecting 2 lists together, ect. You can create some cool repeating tables that work even better that what InfoPath offers. Hope this helps.

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All due respect, Repeating table section was WAY EASIER!!! in InfoPath.  Now, it is a clunky mess to try and replicate repeating table in infopath. Frankly, I find it way easier to do this in JS, HTML and CSS versus PowerApps.  Just please add a CONTROL that we can select and add to the design surface.


I'm aware of workarounds (as I think most people are at this point) that solve the problem, but I think the intent of this post was that there should be an OOTB control to use instead of workarounds.