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Restore a Deleted PowerApps Custom Form

I would like to be able to restore a deleted Custom Form. Recenly, a user went in the the SP list and selected Settings/List Settings/Forms Setting and they deleted the PowerApp form. I then needed to recreate it. Thanks.

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We had an entire set of custom forms (View, Edit, New) completely disappear on us one day.  It was like they never existed.  We are pretty confident this wasn't something a user did as the forms weren't new (they'd been in use for months working perfectly fine) and access to list modifications/Powerapps is highly restricted.  They just disappeared and left no history/trace or explanation! 


We created a ticket with MS which has gone nowhere after hours of troubleshooting.  Something seems very unusual here and we are being told our custom apps that we spent hours on are just gone.  This is a very unfortunate user experience.  We definitely need a way to be able to track activity/changes/deletions of forms and recover anything that is deleted.  We still don't know what happened to ours.

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Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. Very concening. Keep us posted on your progress (or lack thereof).