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Restrict available dates in Datepicker controls

Add MaxDate and MinDate properties to avoid selecting dates out of range. Examples:

Avoid selecting dates in the past:

Datepicker1.MinDate: Today()


Set maximum selectable date to 1 year in the future since today:

Datepicker1.MaxDate: DateAdd( Today(), 1, Years )


Attached image shows what it would look like MinDate property 🙂

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

Not applicable

Hello! What I would need is to, given a set of dates, disable matching dates in the picker.

Super User III

I would like to also see the availability to restrict from selecting weekends and holidays.

New Member

I need to disable users from selecting an older date in the calendar. Waiting for an update on this feature.

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im doin datepicker validation, i need to disable datepicker if dates selected is already been requested by user or by another employee. could anyone give a clear solution? thanks everyone 

Resolver I

Yes to all the above. I need to prevent selecting a date in the future 🙂

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Support for all above date manipulations needs in DatePicker ! 

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I have sth for those who only want restrict DatePicker from choosing future date /only dates till Today() are OK/ : write in the OnSelect property of DatePicker: If(DatePicker1.SelectedDate>Today();Reset(DatePicker1))
works great 🙂

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@FlyitComPl ,


Nice 1, that's a useful work around. Could also use this method for displaying a user alert.


The formula has a small error. It should be:




Comma instead of a semi-colon. Cheers.

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Obviously the option for restricting date by maxDate and minDate function is unavailable at the moment but 1. The work around for restricting earlier date is to put the following code in the Visible property of your Submit button:

 If(DatePicker1.SelectedDate<Today(), false, true)


2. The work around for restricting future date is to put the following code in the Visible property of your Submit button:


 If(DatePicker1.SelectedDate>Today(), false, true)


Helper V

Bit disappointing that this is not possible. Basic functionality.