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Restrict available dates in Datepicker controls

Add MaxDate and MinDate properties to avoid selecting dates out of range. Examples:

Avoid selecting dates in the past:

Datepicker1.MinDate: Today()


Set maximum selectable date to 1 year in the future since today:

Datepicker1.MaxDate: DateAdd( Today(), 1, Years )


Attached image shows what it would look like MinDate property 🙂

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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@Digital: the semicolon is correct if you are in Europe.

@FlyitComPl: since recent you can also say If(Self.SelectedDate>Today();Reset(Self))

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My requirement is user able to select the past 18 years' date. 

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I also want to prevent user from selecting dates in the future for expense reports.

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It would be nice if we could set the DatePicker to show only month and year.



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Ideally the date picker would be configurable in the following ways:


  • Select a date range
  • Select a start day of the week - Sunday US, Monday Europe
  • Ability to exclude dates e.g. dates in the past
  • Enable user to select a date or range without the need to click OK
  • Configure the appearance without the need to hack JSON in msapp or change the theme
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So, it's been 2 years since this was posted. I am wondering if we have to wait another 2 years to update the status, and another 2 years to start working on this, and another 2 years to test it, and another 2 years to implement it. I will probably retire by then. 

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Any updates on this?

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Come on PowerApps team, please add this feature

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Any update on this one @CWesener ? 

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Incidentally, @aprildunnam (some time ago) created a calendar component with some (maybe even all) of this functionality. See I haven't used the component on its own, but have used her desk reservation template that incorporates it.