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Retro Feed BI Systems

In order to retro feed a bi system, power app should be able to use fields from a power BI data source and Power Bi read data.
1. Generate APP: Registry 
Client Code: Client Name field (distinct (PowerBiDS.custcode)
Client Channel: Customer Channel field (distinct (PowerBiDS.Channel; Filter (XXXX))
Cust Name, Customer Name field (distinct (PowerBiDS.custname)
Type: ComonDataService (capture, fidelize ...)
Date: Date

(The clients have Commercial, the Commercial is a user,, the app only shows fields that are related to my user, or what is the same I can only register visits for my clients)


2 Feed the App: The commercials Register the visits in the App.

3. Use Data in Power BI:
Connect to the ComonDataService, the PowerBi and unite by custCode, allowing not only to see the sales of a clients, but the visits.

The connection between these two systems can speed up the collection and analysis of data outside ERP, CRM and other systems, enabling the company to develop app, for customers, end users ...
Objective: Generate APP data collection quickly, based on existing and new data, connect the App to PowerBI and analyze the results in real time

Status: New