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Reuse PowerApp Forms

Ability to customize forms associated with SharePoint Online Lists is really great! Thank you, Microsoft.


However, reusing of customised powerapp form looks painful as you need to recreate the form again for a new list created from the same content type or similar.

It would be great to allow associate the customized form with a content type or allow users to save the form with a list template.

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Advocate II

It seems that every time I try and switch our systems away from infopath or .asp to powerapps (3 times in the last 12 months) we end up at a barrier. Hopefully this absoultely critical functionality is nearly ready. 

Regular Visitor

Yes some way of exporting a costomised list PowerApps form would be invaluable. It will allow moving apps between dev, test and production.

Advocate III

It would have been nice to have some known issues list or some kind of documentation that provides list of limitations that are in planning stage (road map) so that people will not spend time working on a project and suddenly stop because of issues like this.

Advocate II

It would be great if there was a mechanism for scripting the deployment of these, so that they can be easily incoporated into pnp provisioning solutions

Advocate III

Allowing custom form for content-types is a crucial.