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Reworking the Search Function

I want to address when Powerapps auto generate the app from a data source, the lookup field of the data source would be displayed as the GUID value. To fix this it was suggested to use LookUp at the related text field for example, You auto generated from the data source called Contacts. Contact name is returned as a bunch of numbers(GUID). To fix it you use 'LookUp(Accounts, accountid=ThisItem._new_customer_value, name)'. The problem with search function is that it uses the column as text fields instead thus making it hard to search for the column(_new_customer_value) since it will return a delegation warning because its retrieved as an entire record. I am wondering if its possible allow search to get a specific section of the lookup field column(From the example the column called 'name' from Accounts data source) . I imaging it will be something like this : Search(Contacts, SearchBox.Text,Accounts."name","telephone","email")

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Would also add on the fact the Gallery.Selected for the form has to know its only the Contacts data source and not to mistake from the search function above.