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Right to left align Horizontal Gallery items (or bottom to top align on Vertical Gallery)

Hello all,


It happens from time to time that you want to right align gallery items on a horizontal gallery or bottom to top align vertical gallery items. At the moment galleries don't allow this functionality so this will be a nice addition.


Kind regards


Dawid van Heerden
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Responsive Resident

Yes, this is particularly helpful when using horizontal galleries as interactive tabs or labels, rather than a simple tabular item list.

New Member

Hi Dawid,

if you have a dynamic number of items, maybe this helps:


yourGallery.Width = CountRows(yourDataSoure)*Self.TemplateWidth

yourGallery.X =  Parent.Width - Self.Width - 20( <- distance to right)


If you need a frame(border) with a static size, you could use an additional shape behind your gallery.


Hope, I could help you.