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Rollup fields with a date field in condition: not all filters are available like "this fiscal year"


Rollup fields based on a date field in the conditions: to set a filter on a date field not all filter options are available like in an advanced find (e.g. like "this fiscal year")

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Correct, encountered the same issue. As a CRM configurator you expect the same filtering functionality as in the Advanced Find or View configurations.
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Please! This is needed to make rollup fields useful at all.  Need to do YTD rollup, last year rollup in order to visualize customer relationship.

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This is very fundamental. Even the most basic filter that makes sense with respect to the data type should be the absolute minimum. 

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Rollup fields are great, but somehow useless if you have to work with dates. Adding those filter options would provide great options for handling dates.

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I hope this functionality can be added soon.