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Rounding problem with roll up field on multi currency scenario


I encountered an issue with Dynamics 365 rollup field on currency field. The scenario is as follow:

  • Organisation's base currency = AUD
  • Opportunity's currency is set to USD
  • We have a custom entity that captures a currency value. This custom entity has relationship with Opportunity as Many-to-1
  • A rollup field is created in Opportunity to sum the total value of the currency value
  • Created 5 records of USD 10,000


Expected value = $50,000.00

Actual value = $49,999.99


I've opened a support ticket and the support engineer suggested this by design and they suggested me to log this idea.

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I posted a thread about this issue -

It appears to be because the roll-up field sums up the child records as expected and calculates the base value equivalent of the figure and stores this in the database to 4 decimal places. The roll-up field then does the reverse calculation and multiplies the base value by the exchange rate on the record to give you the value displayed - however the process of converting to 4 decimal places causes a loss of precision in the data hence a discrepancy in values.