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Row Number in Gallery

It would be really nice to be able to have easier instramentation in a gallery to see what row number you're viewing to do things like alternating colors. I realize there's a ForAll/AddCOlumn approach but it's not easy for newer users.

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Even the Autonumber primary field option comes through as text and not a number! Using Value() is a delegation issue... I agree with you, I would love to see row numbers for records in a gallery but honestly I'd like a true row number whether they are in a gallery or not.

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I think that is a good feature to add especially  when using lookup in sharepoint. Each lookup entry N:! connected to the one entry in another table could get autonumbering when listed. 



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I add numbers to galleries all the time and i just use an addcolumn approach. The way you describe your suggestions seems to just make my life a little easier so i welcome and appreciate this

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Here is the workaround I found :


I checked directly with data source instead of collection and it works fine.

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@Boneckrh19  if you add *1 it will automatically change it to a number.