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SAP ERP Credentials Issues When First Using App



We have an app that uses a Flow with the SAP ERP (preview) connector to get and post data to our SAP systems. The issue we are facing is that when a user will use the app for the first time they will see the standard prompt to add their credentials so that the SAP connector can use these (see example1 and example2).


This is fine however if the user accidently inputs the incorrect username or password at this point there is no prompt to advise that their credentials are incorrect. Instead the box disappears and loads the app like normal and you will not know that the credentials are incorrect until the app tries to call the Flow to connect to SAP. At this point the SAP ERP connector in the Flow will retry 4 times and then fail due to the credentials being incorrect.


That is part 1 of our problem. The next part is when the user then goes to open the app again and change their credentials to the correct ones, there is no way to get the boxes shown in Example 1 & Example 2 back again meaning the incorrect credentials are stored and cannot be changed even if you wanted to.


This is causing many issues for us as every user at some point will put an incorrect password/username in and we have a number of security policies in place around our SAP password meaning that ever month you are forced to change your password. When you change your SAP password you cannot then change your credentials stored in the PowerApp to your new credentials.


This is a massive limitation currently and one that is preventing us as a company from using PowerApps to connect and use SAP.


Can this be resolved at all?




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Hi James, 


This unfortunately has not be fixed since your idea was posted. We experience the same issue in our implementations unfortunately. We just added a step before the connection in order to evaluate it using SAP Diagnostics and this provides at least the opportunity to have a graceful exit. Did you also had issues with the caching of login ticket by the gateway, keeping the connection to SAP open?