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SQL Output Clause error on calculated column

There needs to be a way to select or disable the output clause, maybe a way to see the SQL that it is sending to the server.


My issue is:

I get this error - 

Column 'inserted.[CALCULATED COLUMN]' cannot be referenced in the OUTPUT clause because the column definition contains a subquery or references a function that performs user or system data access. A function is assumed by default to perform data access if it is not schemabound. Consider removing the subquery or function from the column definition or removing the column from the OUTPUT clause.


Even though I am not updating that caluclated column.


this is recreatable in SQL Server Manager by adding this clause to a standard update query-



I'm able to pull data fine. I am able to update fine when there isn't that calculated column... but our tables have columns, some of which are calculated. This application should have the ability to handle those tables too.

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Hi Shegs,


I'm running into the same problem.  Any chance you've found a fix?



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Not that I've heard. I hope they figure it out so I can use this service.
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It looks like building a Flow can be a workaround. I've done that with previous apps I've built.  I might give it a try real quick.



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Any fixes to this, having same problem?

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Encountering the same problem. If it isn't possible for PowerApps to use SQL tables whose calculated columns use functions, please could you enable Views to refresh / re-run the query when they are called from PowerApps? I've seen in other discussions that it is necessary to manually refresh any Views that are pulled into PowerApps for the values in these Views to update. Either way, PowerApps needs to be able to access up-to-date calculations derived from the source data. 

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I've had the same problem trying to Patch a SQL table with two computed fields. The only workaround so far is to not have computed fields in your tables and then the Patch works as you would expect.

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Anyone have a solution to this yet? I'm getting the error when running a Power Automate flow but still not actually updating the calculated fields that are throwing the error

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The workaround I'm using for this is instead of using the update row, I am using "execute a stored procedure" - which I've set to take the necessary inputs as variables and update them that way. Hopefully that helps you! Not ideal, but it works well for what I'm using it for and can still take dynamic data as parameters.