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SQL Server Analysis Services on-prem as data source

Please add SSAS on-prem as data source


Thank you!

Status: Under Review

@archanan to update status.


Interesting request. How do you envision using SSAS from PowerApps? Are you talking Multi-dimensional or Tabular AS?


Do you have reporting scenarios in mind?

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Hi faisalmo,

I would like to expose data retreived from Tabular AS model in order to support decision/action and data entry that will operate on a separate sql db.


Thank you,


Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

@archanan to update status.

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I think this would be handy so you could use a Powerapp as a reporting tool on SSAS tabular. It would require you being able to somehow pass DAX from the app across the gateway to the tabular instance but it would be worthwhile.

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This would be useful.  Any timeframe if/when it would be available


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Not just on-prem, also Azure SSAS cubes and Azure Datawarehouse should be supported. Actually this is probably easier as it is all in the cloud.


A classic problem is one we have at the moment - users need to enter comments against financial line items or comments about their budgets.  This information is stored in cubes, however recording comments against each line is problematic.  We accomplish this with excel currently - download the data into a spreadsheet pivot table, then upload to a database using the reporting lines as a reference. Powerapps would be perfect for this, instead we have to do it offline or build a custom web application.

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I second, third, and fourth this idea. 


I'd love to replace some macro enabled excel spreadsheets with powerapps, but those spreadsheets connect to SSAS, not SSDB

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Any update, we really need to be able to read data from our SSAS Tabular models and use Power Apps to allow users to enter comments or information about the various items and rows.  

@francorg wrote:

Please add SSAS on-prem as data source


Thank you!


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We also need this feature. This helps to take insight actions on ssas tabular data and do what if analysis easily with feedback from PowerApps.

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Me too!  Increasingly we need to be able to let end users add data - otherwise we have the situation we are all trying to avoid...endless exports to csv files and end-users adding stuff that ultimately is lost. At the moment I run a couple of reports with excel macro's that add rows to a table which is then used as a datasource in powerbi which then joins this table to table imported from SSAS tabular. This is a bit whacky to say the least. Seems to me all the bit we need are about - just can't join them altogether yet. I am experimenting with powerapp/powerbi integration at the moment - it would be useful if we could connect to powerbi datasets in powerapp so that we could display the updated measures in powerapp. I thinnk this direction would be better because it would keep the reporting and operational not sure I am making any sense now to anyone..