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SQL for Common Data Services entities

I apologize in advance if this functinality is already avaialble or this idea is posted. 


I am a business user and when I think about migrating to Common Data Service storing and using my business data, my first and foremost thought is: Can use SQL/query like features I would use in MS Access?  I don't believe lookup relationship between entities can solve this problem.  I need to be able to build queries similar to MS Access so that I can fetch data from two differnt tables and present on a dashboard (perhaps in mode-driven apps). 

If this functionality does not exist, the idea i would like to post - Is it possible to add SQL, table relationships, queries and other features similar to MS Access to Common Data Service entities. 


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just a question: If you create Views in SQL Server and link the views (as read only things) to your app, wouldn't that solve your problem ? You now can add SQL Server Views to PowerApps. 

mfg Klaus