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STOP selecting every field when genereating forms from data sources.

No joke, I have spent half an hour waiting for a form to load, then removing useless fields, after connecting to a Sharepoint list.

Status: Started
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Some suggestions

Best (IMNSHO) -- Select fields to be added."

Good -- "Do you want to add all fields?" dialog

Not so good but better than what we have -- Just don't add any fields.


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Adding random people here to get their attention. Supported the idea but just really want to see how they respond to this.


@CWesener -- You seem most active. Please tag staff you might know are involved in developing the PA Editing UI.

@LanceDelano -- Not done with you. Anything in the timeline regarding improvements to the Editing UI?

@Audrie-MSFT -- Does the voting system you guys have here even work? 

@AndyPennell@linhtran@CarlosFigueira -- No personal message for you. Please respond to this very much reasonable idea/feedback/request.


@mackenzie_lyng -- Is it intentional that it's harder to tag staff than regular users? 

Power Automate
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Power Apps
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