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Save an image to a SharePoint document

Currently, the only way to create PowerApps and Flows, configure complex logic, and save the images to a SharePoint document.
Since the number of usage will increase in the future, please improve the function so that images can be saved with a simple configuration even when using PowerApps with a simple method or using Flow.

Status: New
Super User III

This is a glaring omission from PowerApps. Image and Camera controls are provided and SharePoint Libraries can be linked, but PowerApps has nothing to say "Put this image in the library and add some Metadata". The complexity of the Flow for uploaded files should not be as it is.

Advocate II

I've spent most of my day today trying to figure out how to save an image uploaded to a PowerApp into SharePoint, with very little success. It's baffling that there isn't a quick couple clicks way to do this.