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Save attachments to SharePoint list item



My main blocking point right now, is that I can not attach files to SharePoint list via PoweApps edit forms.

I can create app which can manage orders in SharePoint list for my company in few seconds, but we are forced to keep original email request in list. For this we are using InfoPath which works fine, but PowerApps should be much more suitable solution.


Also we are using same procedure but with excel forms, for that is also important to be able to EDIT excel/word... attachment directly on SharePoint. So what I would like to have in DisplayForm/edit form, when I click on excel file attached, it will open my excel, let me edit it and save it back directly to SharePoint like is possible now with forms on SharePoint.


Once I will have those 2 things in PowerApps, my live will be much more easier! Smiley Surprised


Would like to use PowerApps in our company, but right now... its not possible

Status: Completed

Review details on this feature release in the following blogs and video tutorials:




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This is where it makes no sense, sharepoint mobile which you can't change the layout on but can use the camera and attach a photo to the attachment field, PowerApps which is great for mobile and you can change the layout but you can't use the camera to attach a photo to the attachment field. You already have the capability to attach a photo to the attachment field of a sharepoint list, how about someone copy and paste that capability into PowerApps so we can all can get some sleep. MS invents some of the best stuff out there but there always seems to be a miss some where. Great app builder though and I can't wait to be able to build apps that will drive my business foward.



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@rbensingerAgree with you, we are adding the funcitonality to take a photo and select one from gallery to the control.

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I think once they roll out the ability to take a photo and attach it to an attachment field power apps be unbeatalbe so simple to create the program from my sharepoint data. It is amazing, just connect the camera to the attachment. Any Ideas on when that will hit the streets?


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The photo features should be out by June.

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Hi! I have tested with the most common filetypes, but for some reason Visio- (vsdx) and MS Project-files does not get added as attachments. Is this a known bug or should it not be supported? Thanks.

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@Anonymous is it a file size issue? 

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@FilipK Doesn't seem like it. Visio-file at 28 KB and Project-file at 248 KB that I tested with didn't get added. Docx and PDF with larger file size was added successfully.

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I think can as the longer path the problems

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you can tray to put your origin file on the root directory and tray again.


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It turns out that there is indeed a bug with attaching Visio files.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


We have a fix for this in the works, and expect to have it published by mid May.


Until then, the best workaround I can offer involves manually changing the extension of the Visio file to something like .docx.