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Save attachments to SharePoint list item



My main blocking point right now, is that I can not attach files to SharePoint list via PoweApps edit forms.

I can create app which can manage orders in SharePoint list for my company in few seconds, but we are forced to keep original email request in list. For this we are using InfoPath which works fine, but PowerApps should be much more suitable solution.


Also we are using same procedure but with excel forms, for that is also important to be able to EDIT excel/word... attachment directly on SharePoint. So what I would like to have in DisplayForm/edit form, when I click on excel file attached, it will open my excel, let me edit it and save it back directly to SharePoint like is possible now with forms on SharePoint.


Once I will have those 2 things in PowerApps, my live will be much more easier! Smiley Surprised


Would like to use PowerApps in our company, but right now... its not possible

Status: Completed

Review details on this feature release in the following blogs and video tutorials:




Thank you,


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Thank you for your comments. Attachments are currently 'started' which means the feature will release within the next 3 to 4 months. 


Thank you for your patience as we work on this enhancement,



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Thank you Andrie for your replay.
Is possible to open sharepoint or infopath form for attachment engagement during the record list upload or download? Directly with powerapp andgoback at the end.
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Also looking for this functionality. Hope it gets done soon!

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also looking for this

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@lcncocciaCould you help me to understand this statement (I don't think I can visualize this yet):

"during the record list upload or download"


Is this something you were able to achieve with InfoPath? Help me understand and we'll try and make it happen for you.


Thank you,


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During the Powerapp testing I have see i spossible to attach photo directly from smart phone on onedrive directory and that is simple. in my case I have a list table with enable Attachment, wen I create a new record I can attach a file to the record. in reality sharepoint create a new directory named with the same ID number and in this sub directory I can put all attachments I want. I like to do the same with powerapps

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Adding attachments is a definetily must have on Power Apps, good to know that you are working on it @Audrie-MSFT, is there a release date for this update?

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@AnonymousIt's coming very soon! I don't have a specific date, but stay close, I'll update this as soon as we know.

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Hello Powerapps team,

This feature or function implemented yet? We have projects on hold right now waiting for this to be done?

Any update please so we can provide it to our Boss.




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Hello Powerapps team....Any update on saving attachment to SharePoint List with powerapps?