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Save attachments to SharePoint list item



My main blocking point right now, is that I can not attach files to SharePoint list via PoweApps edit forms.

I can create app which can manage orders in SharePoint list for my company in few seconds, but we are forced to keep original email request in list. For this we are using InfoPath which works fine, but PowerApps should be much more suitable solution.


Also we are using same procedure but with excel forms, for that is also important to be able to EDIT excel/word... attachment directly on SharePoint. So what I would like to have in DisplayForm/edit form, when I click on excel file attached, it will open my excel, let me edit it and save it back directly to SharePoint like is possible now with forms on SharePoint.


Once I will have those 2 things in PowerApps, my live will be much more easier! Smiley Surprised


Would like to use PowerApps in our company, but right now... its not possible

Status: Completed

Review details on this feature release in the following blogs and video tutorials:




Thank you,


Power Apps

To check the version in Web studio, go to File - Account.

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thanks @FilipK. I checked File | Account in the web studio and it also shows 2.0.803.

In in BC, Canada (the west coast), not sure if that explains anything.

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That means everything.  Its not just going to flip to 820 without our doing something.  What triggers the updte, how do you do it?  Does web editing tool update differenly and quicker than the local app?  Please advise, @FilipK

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Still on in Sweden.

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me too I have tray to create e new project but still 2.0.803 in Italy


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The web studio will update automatically, there are no steps or skills required (other than patience).  For the Windows app, you need to update it (manually or automatically) when the new version is available.


Note that once you get the funcitonality in studio, and publish your new app, your mobile players also need to be updated to take advantage of the new functionality.

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@FilipK@mayuro from another post:


says that 820 is not going to roll out until next week.  He said that on Tuesday of this week.  I would like to know if that is true.  If it is, I'll stop checking my editor every 10min to see if its updated yet!


Please advise on the schedule.


Thank you.


We will start deploying on Tuesday of next week and it should roll out worldwide on Thursday

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Ok, guys... save your strength.  You have to wait another week.

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Hey everyone, sorry for the confusion. Version 2.0.820 is rolling out currently and should finish today, so we are still hopefull that everyone will see attachment upload by end of the week.