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Save collection to the local device as an Excel file

Hello all, it would be great to have an action to be able to download a collection as an Excel file to the local device.

It is possbile to implement such behaviour with first saving the data to a file and then using Download, but this seems unnecessarily complicated.

Many thanks.

Status: Under Review
Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
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When this functionality available?

Level 8

Any updates on this??

Level 8

It should be possible to save to/from Collections as CSV and Excel.

Offline should not prevent those actions from happening. It would be useful to have those save/load to/from CCSV/Excel for easier management of information, and even extra robustness.

The ability to do a backup of collected data even when offline would provide an extra safety net for users.

SaveData and LoadData could either be overloaded with additional, optional parameters to read/save to disk, or have similar functions to work on files.

Bonus points if the PowerApp client can monitor local files for activity events. (modified/created/renamed/deleted).

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I also would like to see the possibility to use SaveData/LoadData to save images from the camera control to local storage.




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Any updates? I need this feature

Level: Power Up

This feature would be great!

Level: Powered On

This would be extremely useful for many use cases for us. 


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I would be great!!

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@Audrie-MSFT  Any update from listed 'Under Review'?
Cheers 🙂