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Save collection to the local device as an Excel file

Hello all, it would be great to have an action to be able to download a collection as an Excel file to the local device.

It is possbile to implement such behaviour with first saving the data to a file and then using Download, but this seems unnecessarily complicated.

Many thanks.

Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On

Is it possible that you review functionality two and half year? @Audrie-MSFT Can you please give any feedback on this?

Level 8

It would provide additional peace of mind for disaster scenariois where the PowerApps app needs to be reinstalled without losing cached offline data. Or, even if the whole device needs to be reset or replaced, the offline data can still be recovered from the file and the reinstalled app used to upload it.  

Level: Powered On

Microsoft team.  Having this feature will make powerapps complete.  Any update on this?

Level 8

A related request: to improve robustness of SaveData() and LoadData() for disaster scenarios:

Level: Powered On

Please, any update on this?

Level: Powered On

Fully agree that this should be implemented as soon as possible. Whether or not Microsoft feels that Excel is an appropriate method to access data held in a PowerApps App, the hard fact is that (in my company's case, at least), the vast majority our clients require and expect to be able to download accessed data in an Excel format. 


The fact that we are now in 2020 and this feature does not exist without arcane workarounds (connect to Flow, patch sharepoint list, export list to excel, email excel doc to user, empty excel doc of data so it's ready for next export, deal with user complaints regarding data jumbling when multiple users request an export) is frankly beyond baffling. 


Please, Microsoft, this seems like an obvious feature to add in some form.