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Save powerapps form for Sharepoint list as a template

Previously it was possible to save a list as a template which would include the form (InfoPath). This could then be re-used anywhere. Without this functionality this means that a copy of a list (which may take substantial time to develop) cannot be used elsewhere without having to recreate the form in PowerApps each time.


Some fucntionality which connects the list to the form, and enables saving as a template is essential to our business model, and im sure many others as well.

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It would be greate if list and app can be reused in different tenenats 


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It would be great if we could create a list in SharePoint and turn it into a template that holds the PowerApps customized form template as well.

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Yes I agree

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I agree.  This can be a huge feature.  Are they talking about this topic on the roadmap here?


Is a SharePoint list considered a model driven form to PowerApps?