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intuitive i used at a button OnSelect SaveData(Sammlung2;"Images") 

and other button LoadData(Sammlung2;"Images")


if me restart the powerapps+app the LoadData failed (phone with android),

i guess its because me must create a collection first.




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actually, as i recall (i saw the same thing last week), the issue is that when powerapps (GA?) starts, it clears our folders, and i think that's where your data file was when you called SaveData(). i haven't tried this yet (because the issue is not on my critical path), but you can test this theory by saving data, loading data, edit the data and redo the sequence or some variation on that theme.


oh, and if my memory isn't shot, the answer is to store files in zips and reload them without using loaddata. but don't take my word on this...

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my first thought was it is a bug (and btw data loss is unacceptable)

i tested the export/import, but at import i can not select the file, i guess because permissions.

i do not want have a dialog between.

my goal was collecting data (also in offline mode) and then upload it via web once a day.







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Tested here with both iOS and Android phones and it worked fine for me. Even without creating a collection before loading.


PowerApps should persist save data if you close it and even if you update the app.


The commands I used were: SaveData(MyPhotos,"MyPhotos") and LoadData(MyLoadedPhotos,"MyPhotos") - please note I set a different collection when loading. Tried with the same collection and it worked too.


Can you please share more details on what failures are you seeing?

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you know, i had reason to revisit this today when i needed my PowerApp to save audio recordings...and it worked this time.


i did notice the "cannot find file..." message i used to see at the top of the screen that suggested LoadData() wasn't working; but on rerun, i saw it no longer. perhaps that's a transient issue because of the first time i ran the app the file to load hadn't been saved...i don't know, but at least SaveData()/LoadData() seems to be working for us now.

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i am confused, even i reproduced this problem and then it works^^ arrggg

will the data saved at app closed or direct after call SaveData?



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Hi I could identify an issue when app is updated. So, if you use saveData and then the app is updated, the app data is getting lost. I've opened a bug for fixing this.

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@claudiosvcc @powerdevs

yes, as soon i edit my app at windows with designer, saved there,

inside my powerapps the app get download and then after start my data are lost in space. 😞
so it tend to be a unwanted "bug" at android target.


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I do not believe you need to create a collection first, but I may not have a full picture of the problem. You should be able to see the images you have taken using a gallery control.


Has this issue been resolved since you posted this idea? Could you provide screen shots so that I can better understand what you are experiencing please?


Thank you for your patience and clarifications,


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Hi @Audrie-MSFT, I think the issue is that LoadData will give an error the first time an app is run by a user since the is no saved data yet.


The solution would be either:

1) To be able to have a default data set saved with the app, so that each new user would initially see the default data set

2) To be able to check if there is any saved data before calling the LoadData action, to avoid the error.


I hope this is clear, but please let me know if more info is needed.


PS I really appreciate that finally someone is following up on the ideas, this is really useful