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Screen Reset/Set Scrollbar Back to Top

Add a scrollable screen control that allows the designer to either set where the scroll bar position is or reset the scrollbar to top. 


Currently the screen remembers its position when you navigate away from it, then if you navigate back to that screen, the screen may not be reset back to the top of the items to display which is a negative user experience forcing the user to scroll back to the top of the scrollable screen.  

Status: Under Review

This is under review by engineering. 


Adding @GregLi to comment on roadmap.


Thank you for your patience as we work to enhance these experiences in PowerApps.



Level 10

Please!  We need a way to reset the form so it is reset all the way to the top when it is instantiated for viewing, editing

Level: Powered On

Guys, even if you develop an App for a College project you need the scrollers to reset when navigated back to the screen.

This feature is must needed. Please do whats necessary to put this in place ASAP.



Not applicable

This is an absolute must!

Level: Powered On

Could someone from Microsoft powerapps acknowledge this issue/missing piece ?



Level 8

Totally agree - There needs to be a property associated with the scroll bar that allows the scroll bar to be reset to top if true.  It becomes confusing to users to navigate to a screen and then try to figure out where they are because the scroll bar is scrolled to the bottom, etc.

Super User

Pretty silly not to have this. Need scrolling to be reset when a screen is navigated to. This is right up there wwith PRINT functionality!

Level: Power Up

Very much needed - its absense easily makes the user experience questionable.

Level: Power Up

Still not possible?

Level: Powered On

Doesn't look like this is possible still. Hopefully it will be soon!

Level: Powered On

Appreciate if someone from Microsoft is taking these inputs seriously, if not please scrap this forumn.